Sunday, October 19, 2008

Self-Actualization Within Dual-Career Families and the Healthy Need For Balance Or Stress Management

Dual-career relationships foster couples' abilities to self-actualize within multiple areas of their lives. Higher education, family responsibilities, child care, career, and improved capacity for intimacy are just some of the worthy pursuits that this lifestyle helps to foster. The obvious benefit of the additional income cannot be understated, especially within a society that places increased demands upon "keeping up with the Joneses."

The added stress, however, of organizing demanding schedules and child care can seem daunting. The ease with which one can "lose one's self" is also a potentially dangerous "workaholism" type of escapism. The insidious and consistent detachment of one's feelings through this type of escapism can dull valuable feelings, which can further and ultimately alienate the over-achiever from him or herself and others, leading to confusion, poor direction, and despair.

Balance is crucial, in order for the dual-career relationship to experience long-term success. Achieving a balance between family, work, and educational responsibilities is now becoming less of an ideal and more of a reality, for example, given the innovative learning opportunities that accredited online programs now provide. "Thinking outside the box" in similar, non-traditional ways is vital, in order to strike a healthy balance and mange stress within this multifaceted lifestyle.

Especially within a dual-career relationship, healthy choices, are the keys to striking a balance between one's physical, intellectual, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual needs.
Numerous online self-help, meditative materials also exist that can afford helpful ways to manage stress and improve sleep. Timeless advise, like getting plenty of sleep, exercise, eating properly, and taking time to de-stress is even more important today than ever before.

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