Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A close friend of mine had been on prescription sleep medication, for years. I helped him to successfully combine the following three, non-pharmacological items for quality sleep, without further need for Ambien. I trust that it can also work for you.

My upcoming dissertation research centers on "audio-visual stimulation." "Light and Sound Machines" utilize the AVS phenomenon, in order to facilitate effortless states of deep relaxation. You can freely try AVS here:
When visiting the Dreamachine website, you will find the simple, freely accessible program. Just follow the basic instructions. Ensure that you adjust only two of the settings: 1) Change the color to "yellow" - 2) Change the flashrate to "4hz." To start the program, click where it says: "Enjoy your journey." Also, you must first adhere to the precautions highlighted below.

Ideally, you should be seated in a comfortable position with your computer screen about 18” – 24’ in front of you. I recommend an exposure of at least between 8 - 10 minutes.

You can also experience the relaxing effects of AVS, via this freeware download:

Or, if you like, you can purchase a reasonably-priced "Light and Sound Machine" here:

In addition to (or instead of) the "Light and Sound Machine," many people also find relaxing the audio effects of binaural beats (must use headphones):

For sleep, I would recommend combining AVS with hypnosis and one of the following supplements:
(Review all disclaimers below, before considering any of the following information.)

L-Tryptophan (Four 500 mg capsules)
Kava (An alternative to l-tryptophan: four 250 mg capsules)
Melatonin (5 - 10mg 30 minutes before bedtime)
Hemp Oil (10 - 15 drops for pain relief and/or sleep)
Audio Self-Hypnosis MP3 for Sleep

  • Always check with your physician, prior to trying any supplements. 
  • Sufferers of photosensitive epilepsy should never try AVS.
  • Do not apply any of this information while driving or operating heavy equipment.
  • Hemp oil contains Cannabidiol (CBD) and other ingredients. You MUST check your local, state, and federal laws before purchasing hemp oil.

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